Every time I win a design award, I envision breaking out my inner Miss America to thank my parents, God, etc… for my (obviously) huge and world-changing achievement. But really, in all honesty, my personality is more akin to the character “Olive” from “Little Miss Sunshine,” gyrating inappropriately to “Super Freak” on a stage while the audience looks on in sheer terror.


In any event, I’m super proud to have won a Silver Brands of the World 2011 Logo Award in the “Beauty” category for my work with Mint Salon. Though technically, the Client didn’t choose this particular logo, I simply couldn’t let it languish on my hard drive for no one see. I mean seriously, folks. It’s a hair pick that doubles at the letter “M”, ya’ll! It practically submitted itself to the contest. I (nearly!) had nothing to do with it. Promise.

Mint Salon Portland logo design

salon logos

Natalie McGuire
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