As some of you know, I work full-time here at Rains | Birchard Marketing in drizzly Portland, Oregon. In fact, next Monday will be my 3-year anniversary. Perhaps I’ll bake cupcakes to celebrate? Err… Shouldn’t someone else bake me cupcakes? Buuuuut, do I trust these three dudes’ baking skillz?

Decision made. I’LL bake cupcakes. Clearly.

Anywho, when I first started, the agency was called Rains Marketing. However, in early 2012, Account Manager Matthew Birchard became part-Owner with Jon Rains, and the new company name was born. Wanting something vibrant and full of energy, rich yellows and oranges swirl together and overlap in subtle gradients, revealing a backwards lowercase “r” (for “Rains”) emerging from the lowercase “b” (for “Birchard”) representing a union and partnership between the two Owners of the agency.

Awww… The bro-mance continues.

Back in November I entered the Brands of the World 2012 Logo Design Competition and today they FINALLY announced the winners! Turns out, this l’il beauty nabbed the silver award for the Business & Consulting category! Not too shabby if I say so myself. I’d like to thank The Academy…



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