My approach to website design doesn’t start with mood boards or color schemes — it starts with client interviews.

Huh? What?

I know! But hear me out.

I know you want the pretty. We’ll get you the pretty.

But first, wouldn’t you love a website that makes your life easier, your work more fun, and your sales, marketing and client management easier?

That’s why I call what I do Design with Strategic Ease – because I use strategy to give you more:

  • Ease in selling, because the clients who contact you have already sold themselves on what you do and why they WANT it. They’re ready to fall in love with you.
  • Ease in marketing, because the word-of-mouth referrals from your clients pack your calendar.
  • Ease in working with clients, because you’ll avoid nickel-and-dimers, tire-kickers, ghosters, and space-cadets (your website will turn them away before they darken your doorstep and waste your time).

This is what a website can do for you when it’s designed with strategy in mind, not just the pretty.

It can change the way you do business.

Imagine having a call with a prospect, and not ever having to push for the sale. You chat, you bond, you build a relationship on the intake call that leads to referrals and even more effortless sales.

Picture sitting down to write the sales page for your next course and knowing exactly what to say and how to say it — because you already have the client language to tell your ideal prospects exactly what they need to hear.

Gaze into your crystal ball and see yourself creating courses and products that you’ve already sold OUT, and filled a waitlist for before you even launch.

Results like these are why I changed my design process to start with client interviews and data.

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There are a million designers out there who will gladly take your money to update your font, photos, and brand color palette without any thought to your business, digital, or marketing strategy.

Don’t settle for that.

When you want to break through the success ceiling, you need a customer-centric strategy.

Oh, I’ll make sure you get the pretty too.

But I’ll also make sure you don’t waste time building offers no one wants.

I’ll make sure we optimize your sales funnels and sales pages, measure results, and tweak them until they run on autopilot.

I’ll make your life as an entrepreneur easier with a very pretty – and strategic – website.

Okay, I know, I get a little excited when I talk about my work because it’s SO COOL! But you want to know more about me? I gotcha.

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Me Facts!

• I live in Portland, Oregon and everything you’ve seen on Portlandia is 100% TRUE. Put a bird on it.

• I love working with self-described rebels – I don’t want to run my business like anyone else, do you?

• My fav clients want to make the world a better place.

• Bromarketing bullshit is OUT. Pressure sales tactics, sneaky manipulative marketing, over-promising/under-delivering gets a big, hearty FUCK NO from me.

• I think customer avatars are dumb. They’re fake people! Why not talk to real people instead? I mean, right?

• I deeply love karaoke and can belt out Oasis songs all night long.

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