Things  I  Believe:

  1. Who cares how great your website looks if no one can find it?
  2. What’s the point of driving a bunch of traffic toward your site, if when they get there it’s so ugly they run away screaming?
  3. Twin Peaks is the best television show of all time. Also, Seinfeld.
  4. Sour beer is the best beer of all the beers. But I love IPAs, too. 

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Since 2004, I’ve taken a design-meets-strategy fueled approach to my work, learning early on in my career that I am only as successful as the results I’ve gotten for my clients. I love seeing my clients take their business to the next level after they’re armed with a sexy new re-brand so they’re confident getting that speaking gig, writing that book they’ve been putting off, getting more impact by launching a new course, or landing a big wig client of their dreams.

IN MY PAST LIFE, I got an Honors BS Degree in Graphic Design from Portland State University and I built my career on the wonderfully inspiring and sturdy backs of Fresh Cup Magazine (mmm, coffee…) Northwest Natural Products (Gummy Vites, anyone?) and I’ve even worked at Rains | Birchard Marketing who has an impressive client list filled with the likes of Daimler, Hyundai and Kia. I’ve also volunteered for several non-profits like NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, Listen to Kids, Street Roots, and more.

SINCE OPENING MY BIZ IN 2013, I’ve leveraged everything I’ve learned working with hundreds of soloprenuers, small businesses and non-profits to not only feed my soul and push my creativity but also line the bank accounts of those I’m working with. In fact, you may have seen little ol’ me featured on The Freelancers Success SummitThe Rise to the Top, The Startup Sessions, The Women of Power Virtual Summit, Systems Rock, and The Superwoman Project talking all about this shiz and stuff I’ve learned along my entrepreneurial journey.

GIVING BACK: I also commit to donating 3% of my profits to non-profits like Black Lives MatterThe Black Resilience Fund, PDX Protest Bail Fund, RAICESCharity:Water, The Oregon Humane Society, and Portland Rescue Mission because I believe my design biz can make the world a prettier (and more just) place.


When I’m not geeking out on all things business…

I can be found jumping into the air (apparently…), chasing squirrels out of my backyard garden because I don’t like the way they’re looking at my kale, listening to entirely too many podcasts, cuddling my adorable tiny dog, and baking the best goddam brownies you’ve ever had in your life.

I take dessert VERY seriously.



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