Sometimes you need a second set of eyes to notice what’s not working on your website.

Let’s face it — we can all get a liiiiittle too close to our work sometimes, ya know?

With a Business & Website Rescue, you’ll learn how to improve your sales funnels, define your digital strategy, and amp up those conversion rates so you have more customers filling out your contact form. This is for you if you’re looking for clarity, advice, and some no-nonsense action-steps that gets you closer to your biz goals.

I’ll look at your current brand, positioning, design, and digital strategy and make specific recommendations that’ll set your business up for success so you can stop spinning your wheels and have an action plan to move forward with.


Designer Business & Website Rescue

  • Timeline:
    1 week
  • cost:
    1 payment of $497

Here’s What You Get:

  • 1 Brand Discovery Workbook: You’ll gain clarity on your business’s purpose, goals, brand positioning, audience, and marketing strategy.
  • Website Design Action Plan: A PDF report with a comprehensive break down of the entire site, page-by-page, with strategies to increase your conversion rates, ideas on how to better connect with your ideal audience, suggestions to improve user experience, and ways to better reflect who you are and where you want to go in your business.
  • Digital Strategy Action Plan: A PDF assessment of your current digital strategy plans (includes looking at your e-mail marketing, blog, social media accounts, etc…) with recommendations on how to increase brand awareness so you have more people coming to your site, ways to build engagement among your website visitors so you convert them into customers, and ideas on how to scale the impact you have on your market so your business rakes in the income it deserves.
  • 1, 60-minute Skype Coaching Session: Together, we’ll talk about the reports together and the specific actions you can take to get you closer to your goals as quickly as possible.

I narrowed down my services to what I truly wanted to be offering, and raised my prices.

Lindsay Goldner

The best part about working with Natalie is that she just gets it, plain and simple. She has the patience of a saint (especially when it comes to explaining things like spreadsheet formulas!) and she understands that business is about so much more than just the bottom line.

While working with Natalie, I got clarity from delving into my positioning model which led to a huge shift in my business, and ultimately led me to commit to doing a full rebrand and transformation into No Fonts Given Co. I narrowed down my services to what I truly wanted to be offering, raised my prices, and didn’t shy away from using the bright colors that I’m known for using throughout my website.

Now, I’m treating my business more like a business than I ever have before, and that’s huge. That makes me feel like more of an expert, but also like more of a full-on badass, even though this is something I’ve been doing — and supporting myself with— for 6 years, and I know that will come across to my clients as well. Stemming from this, although it’s new and unfamiliar and omgpee-my-pants-scary, I’m leaning into this new brand and higher prices and (in no small part due to Natalie’s encouragement and mentoring), and really building a brand that I’ve been percolating and dreaming of but wasn’t confident enough to fully step into before.

If you’re thinking of working with Natalie, throw your money at her, immediately. And then congratulate yourself, because it’s one of the best decisions you’ll have ever made for your business.”

Lindsay Goldner,
Branding Goddess, Hand Letterer,  Illustrator, and Graphic Designer

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