How to Create an Effective Follow-up Strategy for Prospective Clients

With everything that’s going on right now (I’m looking at you, COVID-19) you might be worried that your business is going to slow down, or maybe it already has.

If you’re anything like 99.99% of us online entrepreneurs out here, you’re probably binging on social media/the news for updates and a glimmer of hope, stress-eating, and oscillating between “everything’s going to be fine” and “everything is 100% NOT FINE AND IT NEVER WILL BE AGAIN.”

Wherever you’re at, whatever you’re feeling, I want you to know it’s okay. Feel your feelings. Listen to what they have to say. Do what’s best for you, your family, and your business.

If that means marketing your products despite what’s going on because you need money coming in the door? Do it. If that means doubling down on self-care and avoiding social media and the news? Do that.

But, if you’re scrambling and looking for ways to beef up your business during this economic slowdown, I’ve compiled some totally FREE training for you to help get you through this time.

Be sure to grab the full PDF checklist so you can tick off each item you’re testing on your site to make sure it’s in tip-top shape!

In fact, now is a great time to make sure your website is in good shape and up-to-date as more and more people are online looking for your products and services to pass the time during the quarantines and lockdowns across the country.

Now that we’re spending a lot more time indoors, this is the perfect chance to give your website a check-up, as website maintenance is important to make sure users can navigate your site easily and aren’t put off by things not working, or loading.

In this video, I’ll be covering how to give your website a check-up, but ooooooh so much more like:

❖ Make sure it loads in 3-4 seconds
❖ Update your plugins (but back-up your site first before you do this!)
❖ Make sure you have an SSL certificate
❖ Correct any broken links

❖ Test every link
❖ Test all social media links
❖ Test buy now links
❖ Test your contact forms
❖ Test your lead capture process
❖ Test your email opt-in form
❖ Test your email unsubscribe button
❖ Test all your videos
❖ Test your blog/podcast share button

❖ Do any dates need to be changed?
❖ Are there any time-sensitive blog posts?
❖ Any weird bits of code that shouldn’t be there?

Be sure to grab the full PDF checklist so you can tick off each item you’re testing on your site to make sure it’s in tip-top shape!


If you’re looking for a Website & Digital Strategy Rescue to help you identify business opportunities you may be missing (that could add additional revenue to your bottom line in a time like this!), discover the website problems you don’t know you have, and proactively plan and lay the groundwork for success in the future, checkout my Website & Digital Strategy Rescue today!

You’re just one step away from a business of your dreams.

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