The #1 Thing Your Website Needs in 2020

The #1 Thing Your Website Needs in 2018

I don’t normally use such click bait-y headlines for my blog posts, but today I had to and I’m not even a little bit sorry about it.

So, there.

You may think the answer to the #1 thing your website needs in 2020 is that your site should be optimized for mobile (which it does), or maybe you think I’ll say your site needs some clear positioning in the market (which, yup! your site should have that, too!)

But none of the above mean anything if people type in your URL and they see a creepy, cryptic message on your website that reads “SITE NOT SECURE: ATTACKERS MIGHT TRY TO STEAL YOUR INFORMATION.”

Which, ummm… dramatic much, Google? 

See, over the last year, Google has been fighting for a more secure internet, and that all starts with having an SSL Certificate running on your website.

First, this message targeted e-commerce sites and membership sites since people would have to enter their credit card numbers, or login information before accessing the site. But now, they’re rolling this security measure to ANY site.

So, how do you know if your site is secure or not?

Well, look at your domain name right now at the very top of your browser. Do you see a HTTP or HTTPS? If you have HTTPS, you’re good! Your site is secure! If you see just a sad, lonely S-less HTTP? You’re gonna want to get an SSL and fast.

Your Homework:

  1. If you don’t have an SSL, contact your website hosting provider and find out how to set up an SSL on their system.
  2. After you get your SSL, here’s an article all about how to change your domain in Google Analytics to HTTPS as well.
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