Well, today is officially my last day at workies, also known as, my full time gig.

What do you say on your last day to your awesomely supportive bosses/co-workers?

How will they get through the next few days, weeks, months, YEARS without the jackassery that only I can provide? Who will show up to work wearing a wig? Or a tutu? Or bring delicious baked goods? More importantly: WHO. WILL START. THE DISHWASHER.

But I digress.

Personally, I’m a big believer in showing appreciation where appreciation is due. I’m no stranger to a handwritten “thank you” card, and I freely dispense them as liberally as I can.

So, on my last day, I know what I need to do: create favorite quote cards for each of my co-workers and bosses, using the Rains | Birchard Marketing style guide.

Working in a small office, in close quarters with three dudes, hilarious and off-color things get said. Oftentimes, it comes on an idle Tuesday when your office mate informs you “I really wish I could fart on command.” Sometimes it’s the first piece of creative direction you get from the Art Director, when he tells you to create something “quick and dirty.”

Other times, it’s after five tequila shots in a Vegas airport after a trade show, when your boss says… Well? Let’s not finish that sentence. But trust me on this. It was hysterical, and I’m SO thrilled to have witnessed this gem come out of his mouth.

So without further adieu, here are the designs of two out of three favorite quote cards. (You’ll have to use your imagination on what the third card said.)

Not shown: Heart-felt, tear-inducing message I enclosed on the back of these. I’ll miss you guys!

Now seriously, learn how to start the dishwasher.

quote poster design


quote poster design

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