For the last year,

I’ve felt like I was living a double life.

(Cue the creepy organ music…)

From the outside, I looked like a successful, award-winning, creative entrepreneur, organically building my business from scratch, booked 6-months out at all times, making a great living doing what I love, and rocking a loyal, raving client base.

But on the inside, was a different story. I felt listless, resentful, overworked, overwhelmed, bullied and burnt out.

Yeah, really “livin’ the dream” over here…

Even worse, I didn’t know my own purpose anymore, and frequently wondered, “What the ‘f’ is the point of all of this?!” as I worked myself into the depths of yet another 14-hour day, missing dinners with my Hubs and cuddle-time with my pup.

Though I was setting and achieving my professional goals, it was coming at a pretty high cost. In fact, hitting my goal revenue was such a hollow victory, as no amount of money was ever going to make up for the agony I felt inside, or the sneaking suspicion that what I had created for myself was my very own self-imposed Hell.

Enter Shelley Hawkins, my spirit animal and intuitive business coach.

I had no idea when I started this adventure with Shelley and The Self Connection, that she’d be shaking the very core of my being and turning everything I thought I knew about myself on its head.

I had no idea what energy work or tapping was, and nearly every call reduced me to a blubbering, snotty, mass of tears (in a good way, I swear!)

In sheer moments, bewilderingly,
Shelley helped me shed decade-long beliefs and motivations
that had haunted not only my business but my life.

She unearthed my innermost demons, in the deepest areas of my soul–things I thought I had dealt with but realized that I actually hadn’t. She gave me permission and courage to release and liberate parts of myself that no longer served me, and empowered me to envision a different, better life that I now had room to create consciously—something I never thought I could ever do before.

My biggest takeaways?
Besides the whole “she changed my life” thing?

Well, I now know what my version of happiness is and how I can create it every day.

I mean, how many people can even say that?!

I no longer feel an insane pressure to say “yes” to everything, and everybody, and I don’t need to work 14-hour days out of fear that my business or income with dry up.

Because, spoiler alert, it won’t.

I’ve learned to trust my intuition in every area of my life, and no longer apologize for it, deny it, or feel weird about it.

And here’s the kicker, I’ve learned I’m ENOUGH,
and no longer need to justify or defend my existence with accomplishments, or someone else’s version of success.

And holy moly, that takes the pressure waaaaaay off.

My future in life and business feels so much brighter now, and whole lot more creative. In fact, I’m getting “lost” in my work again, and envisioning future plans like never before.

I’ve implemented meditation, journaling, and intention-setting into my daily life and have felt the returns ten-fold.

There really isn’t enough time in the day or words to express my true feelings for Shelley or the incredible work she’s done for me. I’m just so grateful to have found her when I did, and feel incredibly blessed to have her as an ally and friend.

If any (or all!) of this post resonates with you, and you’re open to getting some Intuitive Business Coaching, I strongly recommend you contact Shelley over at The Self Connection. I’m not an affiliate, just a loyal fan.

Natalie McGuire
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