How I Use Trello to Keep my Design Business & Client Projects on Track

Confession: I’m a crazy person.

I’m one of those freak shows that worked full-time (at a hospital’s nutrition department for 6 years) and went to college full-time and graduated with honors (B.S. in Graphic Design + Psychology.)

Once I graduated and landed my first design job, I freelanced for countless non-profits and small businesses in my area all on nights and weekends.

Fast forward 10 years, 3 full-time employers, and hundreds of freelance jobs later, I built up my business enough to work for myself full-time and I’ll be celebrating my third full year in business next week (June 24th, to be exact.)

This has not been glamorous. This has not been pretty. And this has certainly not been easy.

Working constantly + having a husband + a dog + a life(!) has been beyond stressful, and in order to balance it all, I’ve relied on a series of systems and processes that I’ve developed over the years to make my life easier and maximize my time so I get plenty of sleep, have time to work out, eat well, see my husband, walk my dog, see my friends and family and create a portfolio that I’m truly proud of.

Some of my systems include:

  • 30+ draft, Mad-Libs style e-mails so I’m not writing the same responses + instructions over and over again to clients and potential clients
  • Fillable PDF workbooks to manage my client’s homework assignments and keep them organized and delivering their content on time
  • Calendly to schedule Skype calls with clients and potential clients
  • Boomerang to automate follow-up e-mails with clients and potential clients

And here’s the biggest system that I rely on daily: Trello, my project management system that I use with my clients’ projects.

Since utilizing Trello as my project management system, my business has been massively simplified, my time and energy has been maximized, and my clients have never been happier. In fact, most of my clients after working with me start using Trello in their businesses too, and tell me I’m the most organized Designer they’ve ever worked with!


All of this is exactly what I’m talking about in my latest interview with Natasha Vorompiova over at

If you wanna look “under the hood” at my business and how I run all my client projects’ on Trello, this other video is for you.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.29.04 AM

Next, I wanna hear from you.

Simply come on over to my Facebook page and tell me what you think about this system, or if you have any questions about your own systems (or lack thereof.)

Do you need a series of fillable PDF Questionnaires to automate your client intake process? Or maybe you need some Workbooks designed for your clients so you get everything you need in one spot without a lot of back-and-forth? Or maybe, you need a whole new website designed with better sales funnels in place so you can get more clients?

I can’t wait to hear all about your ideas and work with you to create materials that save you time, money and sanity!

Natalie McGuire
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