My Interview on The Rise to the Top

For a few years now, I’ve been working with the seriously amazing and wonderful David Siteman Garland, a web show host for The Rise to the Top, where he interviews successful mediaprenuers and various awesome and super cool people. I recently re-designed his website, and he was so insanely happy with it that he wanted to interview me on the show! *Blush*

At first, I turned him down because I was totes scared.

I professed, “But there will be pit stains! I will turn 12 shades of red! There’s a very real possibility I might pee my pants!”

But he won’t let me not do it.

He reiterated who his audience is: People who are entrepreneurial and are looking for ways to get their business off the ground/build their business/stay afloat/grow, and at some point they’ll need a Graphic/Web Designer to realize their product and brand for them, lest they try to take matters into their own hands.

And honestly peeps, that’s how atrocities like this get started:

So? What’s a designer to do? Well, here’s me, “taking one for the team.” Bonus points if you can handle how annoying my voice/laugh is! Why do you people like me, again?

Natalie McGuire

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Stop losing customers by having
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