I’ve been working with Amy Porterfield since 2014, doing everything from sales page design, Facebook ads and even some logo designs for her various programs.

For 2015, Amy wanted to re-vamp the 2014 B-School sales page I designed for her last year because she loved it so much.


She wanted to keep the design and layout, but freshen up the fonts, text, and bonus images to appeal to a new prospective class of B-Schoolers.

“THANK YOU so much for all your support… you were a lifesaver. Truly appreciate YOU and love working with you. I hope we get to do many, many more projects together! The promo went well.  My sales stayed strong throughout and I think many people really appreciated my bonus package – it helps that it LOOKED so good thanks to you! Thank you again for being my favorite Designer on the face of the earth!”

– Amy Porterfield


  • Overall, the design breaks up the content into easy-to-digest chunks, using thin black borders to house the content into individual areas. Relevant images and color are used sparingly to add visual interest, while everything else is as white and clean as possible to keep the User in a calm and positive mindset since there’s a lot of content to read through.
  • Colors choice came from her current website in terms of the greys, reds and lots-o-lots of white space. Dark greys are used on key points of interest to draw (and hold) the Users attention, while pops of red run through the design in forms of numbered circles and quotation mark bullets in the testimonials sections. A bright yellow is used on the buttons as that’s an action-oriented color.

In short, Amy was a blast to work with and this sales page design is one of my favorites. Can’t wait to see how many sign-ups she gets for B-School, too since these bonuses are not-to-be-missed!

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