When Dr. Michelle Mazur, a Speaker Coaching in Seattle, contacted me about a complete website re-brand, she was fed up with her DIY website theme and was ready for a “big girl website” (<— Her words!) Basically, she was ready to go pro and step into a bigger version of herself, all while NOT looking like a “bro digital marketing website.”


When I wanted to take my business to the next level, I knew that my DIY’d website wouldn’t do. I wanted a designer who create gorgeous sites that were conversion optimized (in a non-Internet dude bro kind of way). After talking with Natalie, I knew she was the woman for the job. Natalie was an absolute blast to work with. She’s the most organized designer that I’ve ever met. She kept me on track and met each milestone on time. As a designer, I felt Natalie ‘got me’ and what my brand was all about. When she presented me with the mood board for my new site, I was floored. It was exactly what I knew my clients would love and my personality shined through. After launching the site, my daily optin rate has doubled and my bounce rate which hovered around 80% plummeted to 1%. I’m excited to see how this new site impact my business over the next year. It’s already making a difference.

Dr. Michelle Mazur, Speech Coach

Though she was using a lot of sound marketing principles on her site, the main conversion-focused areas were hard to see among all the red, and her incredibly fun, fierce and hilarious personality wasn’t visibly being represented on her site either.

Communication Rebel’s Website Before:

For Michelle’s re-brand, we focused on making Michelle, the rebel that she is, the star of the show! Her photo of pure expressiveness, confidence and energy take center stage to truly embody “communication rebel” in the way that onlookers only wish they had that much confidence and clout in front of their audiences.

A handwriting marker font adds a sense of grit and personality to the page, as does the exposed and distressed brick. Red, black and white colors are used sparingly for pops of color and interest, and a teal blue is also used since that’s in the majority of her photos.

Mood Boards

Communication Rebel Website After:


Michelle was BEYOND fun to work with, and it’s been so exciting to hear all about how her business has changed since re-designing her website, and all the opportunities she’s experiencing. It’s these kinds of “before and after” stories that inspire me and the work that I do, and bonus? I got a pretty awesome friend outta this, too.

Congratulations, Michelle!

You’re just one step away from a business of your dreams.

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