It’s no secret that when people look around my website, read my blog posts or follow me on social media, that I have a bit of an obsession with food. Not in a waif-like “I eat to live” kinda way. (Pffft! These are people I just don’t relate to.) It’s more like a “I liiiiiiiiiiiive to eat” kinda way. In fact, friends know when you eat with me, my personal policy is “no (insert delicious food item here) left behind.” This goes for everything from truffle fries, to Oreos, to pork rillette, to nachos, and just so we’re clear, I’ll enforce this policy with brute force if necessary.

Obviously, when clients in the food industry contact me for design work, I pretty much squeal like a piglet and celebrate with a homemade chocolate silk pie. Because there’s always. A reason. For pie.

Enter Chef Nathan McClure of Portland’s Culinary Confidence. Nathan gives private, in-home cooking lessons to anyone who’s looking to learn a thing or two in their own kitchen. From basic knife skills, to healthy, home-cooked family meals, he’ll tailor a cooking lesson just for you so you’ll feel confident with your skills in no time.

“Working with Natalie has allowed me to focus directly on building the core aspects of my business, while trusting that the marketing details are covered by a sharp, graceful professional. One of Natalie’s many excellent qualities is her ability to read a client’s vision. All it took was a general explanation of my idea, and she delivered several first class samples, all of which captured the feel of my business. Her intuition for developing customer specific products is spot on. She delivers high quality product time after time, and I will never hesitate to enlist her services in the future. She has always had my back when I needed help with something. Being a small business herself, Natalie takes great pride in helping other small businesses get on their feet. She clearly thrives on the success of others and loves being a part of it.”

– Nathan McClure

Since Nathan was just starting out his business, he needed a logo and some basic branding elements to convey what his business does, but in a fun, down-to-earth, super-relateable way so that people aren’t intimidated working with a real Chef.


Conceptually, all of the logos contain a cooking tool to visually convey the act of cooking. I stuck with bold, modern fonts that are all caps (in most cases) to visually convey the “confidence” aspect of the namesake. Bite marks, skillets and utensils all work together in these examples to form a fun, whimsical logo that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s confident, but not cocky, and oh-so-accessible.

We then moved on to business cards, car  magnets, logo-ed chef coats, and social skins so all of his materials match and go together cohesively.


If you love food as much as I do, whether it’s eating it, cooking it, or both, show some love to Culinary Confidence and purchase a cooking lesson with my buddy, Nathan. You’ll be dominating homemade pasta, braised meats and pie crusts in no time!


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