From the second I met Nikki, I knew I liked her.

(Although I think a large part of that had to be that her very name is similar to “Nadine Hurley”, my favorite Twin Peaks character, that I sometimes like to dress up as, but I digress…)

After I actually spoke and got my hair done by Nikki, it was then I just fell in love. She’s approachable, she’s fun, light-hearted and playful. Plus? Her hair cuts and color are outta this world. She’s my ambassador for red hair with pink stripes, and I trust her with every fiber of my ginger-y head. She just? Gets me.

“I approached Natalie about designing my logo because I felt I could trust her. The salon world, and the beauty industry in general, is all about image. It was important for me to find a Designer that understood that, but was also willing to dive in a little deeper and find the heart of what I wanted to convey. It was such a relief to know that despite feeling overwhelmed at times by the many, many things it takes to start a new business, I was in good hands with what I considered to be one of the most critical and daunting tasks: finding my identity. Natalie was great at asking the right questions, listening, and really hearing my concerns. Working with her was like having coffee with an old friend. She’s insightful and honest. We chatted about my business as if we were weighing in on a new relationship. And, indeed we were. I can not recommend Natalie enough. She’s organized and professional, but still manages to make the design process fun. I will continue to use her for all my design and branding needs.”

– Nikki Hurley

Like so many of my creative entrepreneur clients, Nikki was in the throws of quitting her full-time gig to open up a salon all her own. When she asked if I’d be willing to design a logo for her new biz Cloud Nine Hair Studio, my imagination went into overdrive with illustrations and ideas combining hair curls with abstract clouds. Cursive, handwritten fonts, distressed textures and whimsical illustrations all work together to create a sense of beauty, approachability and good, clean, fun design, the very essence of Nikki and Cloud Nine itself.


We then moved on to designing her business cards, which is really where her branding came to life. Combining a photo of dreamy cloudscape of grey-ish, blue-ish and beige-ish hues and placing her white logo on top perfectly conveys an ethereal quality of the salon, and of Portland, Oregon itself (the cloud capital of the world.)


If you love quality hair care paired with environmentally friendly products (oh, and did I mention SCALP MASSAGES?!), show some love to Cloud Nine Hair Studio and book an appointment with my girl, Nikki. Tell her I sent ya!


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