When Hilary Winfield, a local artist here in Portland, contacted me about a complete website re-brand, she simply had enough of her DIY website theme that was clunky, hard to use, user UN-friendly, wasn’t visually exciting, and didn’t represent her or her work anymore.

Upon digging a little bit deeper, Hilary’s SEO rankings were tanking and too reliant on her Etsy site to drive traffic to her actualsite. She was also missing out on all the local SEO love that could be gained in Portland, too, costing her opportunities for commission-work.

I’ve been meaning to email you to let you know that my sales (from my website) have doubled this year and I attribute it 100% to my beautiful new website! Also, I had an art consultant reach out to me about a project and in her message she said, ‘On a another note, your website is FAN-TAS-TIC! So informative!’ So, you’re amazing!

– Hilary Winfield, Fine Artist

Hilary’s Website Before:

Mood Boards

For Hilary’s re-brand, we focused on creating a behind-the-scenes experience, letting Users into her studio to meet the brilliant Artist herself. The design combines bold, captivating images with blocks of color dividing the space into logical content blocks. The fonts are modern, clean and professional, and colors are natural and rustic, allowing for an overall organic, candid feeling. Here, the viewer gets to peek behind the curtain and learn who Hilary is, all while showing images of her stunning work and studio. It’s here they meet her and her passion.

Hilary’s Website After:



Hilary was BEYOND fun to work with, and it’s been so exciting to hear all about how her business (and income!) has changed since re-designing her website, and all the opportunities she’s experiencing. It’s these kinds of “before and after” stories that inspire me and the work that I do, and bonus? I got a pretty awesome friend outta this, too.

Congratulations, Hilary!

You’re just one step away from a business of your dreams.

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