Theresa, being the smart cookie that she is, had some serious main goals to tackle during her re-design. Specifically, she wanted to monetize her blog, and in order to do that, she needed to grow her e-mail list in anticipation to selling her upcoming eCourse The Canning Academy. Also, she wanted to start a podcast and better organize her blog categories so her content was easy to find for her readers. She already liked the design of her site, but wanted to kick it up a notch, and polish it up a bit, to better represent who she is and establish credibility.

“I just can’t tell you how much I am loving the website. Every time I look at it, I get goosebumps. I’m so incredibly proud of what you’ve done, you’re quite a talent. It’s been such a joy to work with you from day one. You’re just amazing and I’m so honored what you did and all my other design work. I get compliments every day.

Prior to the design change, I would average about 75-100 newsletter sign ups per month. Since the design change, I consistently get well over 300 newsletter sign ups per month. I have not changed my content at all. Only the look of the site… Thanks to you!”

– Theresa Loe, Founder of Living Homegrown® & Co-Executive Producer of Growing a Greener World® on PBS

Living Homegrown Website Before:


Mood Boards


Living Homegrown Website After:

To tackle Theresa’s main goal of growing her e-mail list, we converted her Blog Home page to a more traditional Home page, that put the emphasis of who she is and what she does over her Blog content. This allowed us to highlight her e-mail opt-in list, show her many credentials of where she’s been featured across the web, and promote her upcoming money-maker: The Canning Academy eCourse.



Did the design update help Theresa Acheive her goals?
Well, here’s some MailChimp stats since launching:


  • Prior to the design change, Theresa would average about 75-100 newsletter sign-ups per month.
  • Since the design change, Theresa consistently gets well over 300 newsletter sign ups per month.
  • She has not changed my content at all. ONLY THE LOOK OF THE SITE!

Theresa’s focused, and thoughtful goals paired with a fresh new look and organized content has set her and her upcoming eCourse up for massive amounts of success, and made this project a pure thrill to work on. We couldn’t have been more stoked for the final product! Congratulations, Theresa!

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