When Molly Marshall of Molly Marshall Marketing contacted me, she was frustrated with her website. Her bounce rate hovered around 85-90%, her visitor’s time spent on site was under 30-seconds, and though she’d been working hard on SEO and exploding her website traffic from 7K to 20K, that traffic wasn’t resulting in more opt-ins or sales of her online courses or services. She was tired of doing everything herself, sick of losing momentum in her business, and was ready to stop DIYing everything. It was time to reach out to someone who does this shiz for a living. So? Here we are.

In the five months since my website launched, my online course purchases increased by 120%, and my email opt-ins increased by 274% when compared to the previous time period! I’m so excited, this was the point of my website redesign to begin with!


Molly Marshall

“In my corporate working life, I worked on about a dozen website designs and launches, and I can truly say that out of all those experiences, this was by far the most painless of any of them! I’ve always been left scrambling around trying to tie up all of the loose ends on my own, but that wasn’t my experience with Natalie. Working with Natalie was like some kind of fancy concierge service where everything was taken care of for me. Every detail was thought of, every potential issue anticipated, every loose end tied up nice and neat.

Natalie completely, 100% nailed the branding for my new site. The greatest compliment was when someone I know personally told me that my new site was ‘so me.’ She completely understood what I wanted, even though I wasn’t the best at articulating it, and created something that was better than I could have imagined!

I appreciated that I always knew what to expect and that all of our deadlines were met.

I truly could not be more thrilled with the entire process and final result. Thank you, Natalie!”

Molly Marshall,
Social Media Strategist

Molly Marshall Marketing’s Website Before

Molly Marshall Marketing's website before

Since we were starting Molly’s entire brand from scratch, the first thing we did was create a photography mood board so she could get some fresh, professional photography taken that positioned her as a real person, not some pumped up “#girlboss” with an Instagram-perfect life. We wanted to capture her love of the outdoors, her family, food and restaurants, and the tactical approach she takes with her business, so the role models that guided the shoot was Joanna Gaines meets Drew Barrymore.

Photography Mood Board

Molly Marshall Photography

Once she got her photos back, we got to work on her website mood boards/style tiles that would show more of Molly, who she is, and some behind-the-scenes of her life and business since she is social media strategist.

To infuse some fun, we worked in some fun hand-illustration patterns, friendly, energetic colors that complimented the photography, and handwriting fonts that felt personal paired with an open sans-serif font that is modern and timeless for balance.

Mood Boards

Molly Marshall Website Mood Board

Once the Mood Board was settled, we set out to design the actual website. We started with the site’s main value proposition: “Create Your Own Formula for Social Media Success” so website visitors know that Molly isn’t the kind of online guru that advocates there’s one magical way of doing things so you reach a 6-figure business in 10 days. Bleh. That’s. Not. Molly.

Next, we have an advertisement for her 2018 Instagram freebie, followed by all the amazing places she’s been featured. Helloooooo, Inc.!

Then, we have a section that goes into more about what the site is about, as well as the services and products she offers so visitors know exactly how to work with Molly in some capacity.

Next, there are some testimonials from happy customers, and a section describing who exactly Molly is.

Last, we have a giant call-to-action advertising her e-mail opt-in gift so we don’t leave any deadends on the page, and she can begin her email sales funnel sequence that leads to tripwires for her course, advertisements for her best content, ways to work with her 1:1, and notifications for her workshops, products, and programs.

Molly Marshall Marketing’s Website:



The Results:

Since launching Molly’s site 5 months ago, Molly’s course purchases have increased 120% and email opt-ins are up 274%, giving Molly the scale, income, and impact she’s craving in her business. So excited for what’s next for her!

Congratulations, Molly!

You’re just one step away from a business of your dreams.

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