When Oregon Realtor Patti Jensen of Patti Jensen Homes contacted me, she wanted a website worthy of her business. She knew her business was built on referrals, and that they would check out her online presence before reaching out. Except, that’s the thing… they’d check her out, and then not contact her for their home buying/selling needs, and she was certain her lackluster, real estate template website was to blame (and I couldn’t help but agree.)

The year before my new website launched, I sold $12.5 million in volume. In the year after my new website launched, I sold $16.2 million and am now among the top 3% of Realtors in Portland.


“I have been a long time fan of Natalie McGuire Designs. But, if I’m being completely transparent, I was apprehensive to hire her due to cost. So many Realtors I know use the same cheesy generic template websites, did I really need to spend a good chunk of money on mine? I decided to take the plunge and can I just tell you, I am SO GLAD I DID.

My motivation for having a sassy, informative and appealing website was to increase my web presence. My real estate business is primarily referral based. I often heard from friends and past clients that they had referred someone to me but I would never hear a peep. I decided to investigate why. I asked myself, what do I do when I’m referred to someone? I google them. I look for reviews. I check out their online street cred before I decide to call them. So, I googled myself. According to the Internet, I was looking pretty sad! None of my successes, personality or intense commitment to customer service was reflected online. No wonder I was missing out on opportunities!

Most of the time when I get an email from a referral, the first thing they say is, “I LOVE your website”. A big part of my marketing plan in real estate is to stage and photograph homes so that buyer’s fall in love before they’ve even set foot in the house. My website does the same thing. Buyers and sellers feel like they know a little about me prior to us ever meeting. The testimonials on my website boast about my excellent negotiating skills and customer service much better than I ever could in person. While I’m sleeping at night, my website is working hard to show buyers and sellers why they should choose me as their Realtor.

Natalie perfectly captured me on my website. I loved the thorough process that Natalie has created in order to perfectly design a website true to myself and my values as a Realtor. Her organization skills are incredible and I am forever changed by the use of a Trello board. I am more confident at buyer and seller appointments due to the integrated marketing material she created for me that is essentially the copy from my website.

Investing in my personal brand via a website was the best thing I could do for my business and after the success, I’ve personally seen, I think Natalie should charge more. I will continue to sing her praises to anyone I meet needing a website!!!”

Patti Jensen – Oregon Real Estate Broker,
Premiere Property Group

Since we were building Patti’s brand off the heels of her previous look, we kept the same olive green she’d been using for brand recognition, as well as the professional photos she’d recently gotten taken.

We freshened up her logo so it was more representative of the kind of positioning she wanted to have (think Target & Nordstroms had a baby). We merged the “P” and the “J” for her initials together into one graphic, with a little house silhouette inside the hole in the “P”. We kept the encompassing circle to create a fancy-pants badge-like seal to add a sense of prestige to the design.

Logo Before:

Logo After:

Next, we worked on her website mood boards to further stretch the idea of merging Target + Nordstroms into one memorable, unique design. The fonts are a blend of a classic, timeless seriffed font paired with a modern friendly, open, easy-to-read sans-serif font. The colors mimic the same pattern of classic (white, black, Tiffany’s blue) paired with modern (orange, olive green) to blend the two worlds together. Her photo takes center stage so viewers can get a sense of Patti’s incredibly funny yet professional personality, as the surrounding elements have fun embellishments, unexpected layers, and interesting type treatments that make the designs feel upscale yet down-to-earth at the same time.

Mood Boards

Once the Mood Board was settled, we set out to design the actual website. We started with a bright orange banner that contains Patti’s contact information so people can easily call or email about working with her.

Her photo and value proposition comes next so people know what makes Patti different: The fact that she actually cares about your home buying/selling experience and takes it seriously. (What a novel idea!)

Next, there’s a “search for homes” feature which allows visitors to look for their next house, and see what kind of inventory Patti has available. This is then followed by two sections, one for home buyers, one for home sellers so people can start to self-select which path they want to go down when working with Patti and get all the information they need on how the home buying/selling process ultimately works so they feel empowered, less scared, and ready to trust Patti with the biggest financial decision of their lives. (But hey, no pressure!)

Then, we have a section for testimonials where people can RAVE about working with Patti. (And, since Patti helped me buy my first house, I can attest to her utter awesomeness myself!)

This is then followed by a clear call-to-action driving people to contact her via her contact form so she can begin helping people buy or sell their home.

Patti Jensen Home’s Website:



The Results:

The year before her new website launched, Patti sold $12.5 million in volume. In the year after her new website launched, she sold $16.2 million and is now among the top 3% of Realtors in Portland, Oregon with boundless opportunities upon the horizon. With a swanky new look and an extra $3.7 million in the can, and a new employee to help her with her business, there’s nothing this sassy Realtor can’t do. Congratulations, Patti!

You’re just one step away from a business of your dreams.

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