When Jessica Williams from The Superwoman Summit contacted me, she was looking for a website overhaul of her signature event because she felt her previous site didn’t represent the event or her brand very well. The only photos used were of stock people, no testimonials for how great the event is, and there weren’t any calls-to-action to actually buy tickets so she could pay for the event itself.

In just two short months since launching the site, I’ve already sold more tickets with my new website design than I did previously from the entire year before, and there’s still 5 months until the event!


“Natalie is an incredible designer and gets the power of branding as it intersects with marketing/sales. She’s also a fantastic project manager (delivering product consistently on-time, going above and beyond, quick response time and fun/easy to work with…not to mention really kind and thoughtful).

I’ve done the leg-work (I’ve worked with a ton of freelancers in my career) and everyone should save themselves some time, hassle and frustration and just work with Natalie. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

I get so many positive comments about the site, and it really captures everything I was going for! I’m feeling more pride in my work than ever before, and I can’t wait to see where it all will lead.”

Jessica Williams,
Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, Change Agent, and Author

Since she already had an established branding scheme, we used that as a jumping off point to maximize brand recognition from the first summit she put on the year prior.

However, we decided to kick things up a notch by adding an eye-candy gradient overlay to the photos to achieve maximum impact and power and added bright blue calls-to-actions throughout the site with pink buttons to nab attention and funnel people toward buying a ticket to the event. Overall, the branding feels exciting and impactful, ready for three-days of warmth, laughter, high-fives, and hugs with inspirational speakers.

With fresh videos, new photos from the previous year, inspiring testimonials, and repeated calls-to-action, website visitors quickly understand the vibe of the event, what to expect, and can build their anticipation to go.


The Superwoman Summit’s Website:


The Results:

In just two short months since launching the site, Jessica has already sold more tickets with the new website design than she did previously from the entire year before, and there’s still 5 months until the event!

Next, we worked on print collateral, like the event’s program, promotional postcards, signage, swag, and more to complete the high-end, inspiring feel of the summit that we want people to experience while they’re there.

Print Collateral:

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