Who doesn’t want to create a life of freedom through a business with soul? Thems some inspiring words, amiright?!

Well, then let me introduce you to my friend/client, Michael Knouse, from The Startup Sessions. His site contains video interviews with entrepreneurs who have built a business based on integrity and doing work they absolutely love. The content focuses exclusively on the business creation aspect of their businesses, and helps people achieve a successful launch of their part-time business idea online, while maintaining their regular job.

But first things first: Michael needed a logo to convey his inspiring messaging!



“Designing a new brand, website and logo is a very daunting project. It’s something that I would only trust to a true professional. Natalie McGuire is a true professional and so much more. She made the entire process a complete dream. Natalie somehow captured all of the thoughts and ideas in my head and created exactly what I had envisioned.Working with Natalie has been a complete delight. She is a rare blend of artist, advisor and ally through the entire design process. Natalie always takes the extra time to clearly understand my needs and answer all of my detailed questions. And she over-delivers. Every. Single. Time.Natalie is not just a great designer – she is exceptional! If you want exquisite work delivered impeccably every time, then Natalie should be your only choice.”

– Michael Knouse

Throughout the designs, I went with symbols that embody “starting” and “up” since he’s targeting brand new coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs. That’s why there’s a lot of “start” and “play” buttons, as well as dots and ripples radiating away from the start symbol conveying a sense of energy flow. I also experimented with a blueprint nature of a logo, visually illustrating the beginning stages of ideas and plans.


Because Michael is a massive genius, while we worked on the logo, business card and website design, Michael created a simple WordPress site and kept himself busy creating his content, blogging, and building his audience. So! Incredibly! Smart!

The Startup Sessions website before:


The Startup Sessions website after:

Overall, I stuck with the color scheme and fonts from the logo, using large blocks of orange to add emphasis where necessary on key conversion areas (the e-mail sign up list, tagline explanation, and links.) The photo in the background creates an uplifting, inspiring, enveloping message, and allows Users to connect with Michael at an emotional level.

Michael noted that the important things the visitor must do on his site are to watch his videos, opt-in to his e-mail list and purchase products/programs. So, I designed this as a hierarchy of most important areas: e-mail list up top, latest video below it, more episodes/blog posts below and a place to promote potential products.

Working with mediapreneurs like Michael, who have a genuine drive and passion for what they do, makes my job so easy and enjoyable that it reminds me why I got into this business in the first place. Michael was an absolute dream to work with and I can’t wait to see how his show progresses and how many people it will help.

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