If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re a business owner of some kind.

And, since it’s 2017, your business probably has a website, even if it’s built on GeoCities back in 1995 and you totally hate it.

(In which case, um… let’s talk. I’m currently booking projects for January/February. #justsayin)

Well, imagine for a moment what would happen if Comcast, AT&T, whoever-you-get-internet-from decided that they’re gonna block your website. And not just yourwebsite, but TONS of other websites you use every day.

net neutrality

What would that do to your business if your customers can’t access your site?

Or worse, what would it do for your business if your customers had to pay a separate fee to see your website?

And, what if when your customer finally gets to it, it loads at a snail’s pace of 1 gigabit per second while Comcast, Netflix, and Facebook show their websites at 10 gigabits per second?

This is why we need to protect net neutrality, folks. And really, it’s not about saving net neutrality per se, it’s really about preventing cable company f***ckery.



At least that’s how John Oliver puts it, and dayuuuuum can that beautiful man work a punchline.

So, what do we do?

It’s up to Congress to stop the FCC from destroying the internet we’ve built our businesses and livelihoods on.

If your representative isn’t protecting the internet we know (and most of the time) love, contact them now. We need to bring more members of Congress onto “Team Internet” because they face massive pressure from party leadership to oppose net neutrality thanks to lobbying by “Team Cable.”

If you hate making phone calls (don’t worry, so do I!), use this website: https://www.battleforthenet.com to email and tweet your representatives instead of (or in addition to) calling.

The vote is on THURSDAY. That’s 2 days away. Contact Congress TODAY.


Let’s Save the Internet


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