You know functionality is important, and your current website isn’t there.

You know it’s cluttered and confusing, but you don’t know how to fix it.

Your platform or template (or both) make even minor edits impossible, some things are beyond broken, and you’re tired of waiting for your teenager (or the person you hired on Fiverr) to fix stuff. Clients might be kindly telling you that links don’t work, or they can’t read the text because it’s too small, images are missing or taking foreeeeever to load, small bits of code are showing for some reason — annoying stuff like that.

You may also have nagging questions waking you up at 2am, like “Why did my last launch not bring in as many people as I thought it would?” or “why do I get so few subscribers to my newsletter?” You’re working your butt off, trying to do everything right, and you can’t figure out why you’re not seeing results yet. Yes, these too could be usability issues.

It’s likely that you could see a significant increase in conversions (more people joining your list, more people contacting you, more people buying) if your pathways were clear, if your navigation was streamlined, and if your CTA button didn’t blend in with the background. Yep, it’s a design issue.

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