I commit to an anti-racist work practice that centers the businesses Black people, and of people of color – those most impacted by structural racism – to move toward systems that benefit us all. 

I envision a country where people’s success, safety, and health are not pre-determined by their race. A city where all businesses and its workers have the freedom, agency, and platform to share and grow their businesses, amplify their stories, art, cultures, and experiences equitably and fairly.

At the same time, being white as f*ck, I acknowledge that my actions – both conscious and unconscious, past and present – have benefited some communities while limiting opportunities and outcomes for communities of color. I will work toward my vision by addressing and working to eliminate institutional racism in my programs, policies, and practices by:

  • continually investing in anti-racist education
  • allowing open-conflict and discomfort when there is a conflict on my team or community and not hiding it, deleting it, or ignoring it, as well as apologizing whole-heartedly when I f*ck up
  • investing an ongoing portion of my company budget to the Black community, whether that’s hiring Black employees, using Black-owned software, purchasing Black-authored books, and more
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Natalie McGuire Designs stands against inequality, injustice, hate, discrimination, and systemic racism, and is deeply committed to investing in diversity and inclusion, and standing up for what is just, inclusive, loving & equitable.