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Recently, I downloaded Small Business Bodyguard, put on by one of my favorite blogs over at The Middle Finger Project. (Love! Them!) This 234-page eBook goes over, in no uncertain terms, all the ways that we online entrepreneurs could be held liable for things put on our websites, the way we run our businesses, the products and services we offer, etc… It’s a delightful read if you enjoy freaking the crap out of yourself out first thing in the morning.

I’ve only just started reading this, hell, I’m only 30-pages in, but the parts that are most beneficial for my web design clients is the Disclaimer/Terms of Use section that *should* be on everyone’s websites but isn’t. Though I’m in no way qualified to offer guidance in what that verbiage should be on those pages (that’s what fancy-pants lawyers are for!) you may want to check out this resource and join their e-mail list to get a “5 things you need to legally cover your ass” clinic. There’s some cut-and-paste-ready gems in there that will hopefully get you on the right track even if you don’t purchase the eBook itself.

Small Business BodyguardLet’s be honest. When you start your business, online or otherwise, you just don’t know what you don’t know. And if you’re like me, you’re racking your brain to figure out hairy scary things like contracts, agreements, terms, privacy policies, disclaimers, and all those other things a small business owner needs. And seriously, all of it is overwhelming / horrifying / intimidating / frustrating / insanity-producing.

Hiring an attorney is also a pretty penny. (That you might not have right now.) Annnddddd, of course, this is why most people ignore their business’ legal needs altogether. (Cue: Jaws theme song.)

 But at the same time, while you want to do things right, you probably don’t want to spend your time learning how to be a lawyer, either. (Gag.) You just want to get the information you need, to take care of the legal stuff correctly and quickly, so you can get back to doing the work you love.

Enter my saving grace (and maybe yours, too): Small Business Bodyguard. 

This is THE tool I use in my own business and I want to share it with you, because sharing is caring, after all. *Wink.*

Who’s it for?  Well…

  • For anyone starting a business.
  • Selling something online.
  • Selling something offline.
  • Running a website.
  • Pitching services.
  • Writing eBooks.
  • Launching products.
  • Hiring  copywriters / VAs / interns / contractors.
  • Collaborating with others.
  • And selling anything to anybody.  (Even if it’s only an innocent little PDF and your mom is the only customer.)

If any of these describe you, then 
One of my favorite things about it is that the material isn’t like reading a law textbook – in fact, it’s the opposite, deliberately presented to be user-friendly (and laugh-out-loud hilarious.) I promise, there is no mind-numbingly boring legalese you have to worry about.  Just straight forward information that is sure to help you cover your ass—and actually enjoy it. Check it out here to see what I mean.

Natalie McGuire
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