Who do I work with? Only the most awesome purpose-driven
solopreneurs and small business owners around. Why?
Because you’re after more than just making a quick buck.

I know who you are. You’ve been in business a few passion-filled years and realize if you wanna do some real good in the world, you need major impact, and you gotta shout your message from the digital mountain tops! Whether you’re healing people with food, fitness, mental or spiritual health, or you’re coaching business owners toward a more sustainable and heart-centered life, or you’re using your mad creativity skillz like cooking, interior design or gardening to make the world a prettier place, your purpose is contagious, and you are my people.

When you + your purpose is awesome,
I don’t wanna see you be embarrassed by your brand. Like, ever.

If you believe you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful, quality design to get the results your business craves (whether that’s more subscribers to your e-mail list, more clients buying your service, or more customers buying your product) then you are in the right place, my new friend. Through a series of insightful design + strategy exercises and lots and lots of listening, I get down to the nitty-gritty of who your business is, what it struggles with, and where it wants to go. I want your business to get the results it deserves, attract your best customers, and most of all, I want you to SHINE.



How to work with me:


Logo & Print Design

Your logo is the first thing your customer sees when they interact with your business, and it sets the visual tone for the rest of your print materials, online presence, and brand standard. If you’re ready to look like the pro that you are, this is for you.

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Sometimes, you just need to assess what’s not working on your current site, determine your biz priorities, and set some goals and intentions before jumping into a full blown website re-design project. This is for you if you’re looking for an outsider’s view on your website so you can get clarity, advice, and some next action-steps that gets you closer to your goals, stat.

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The Website
Design Package

Whether you need a brand new website for a new business, or are re-vamping your existing brand to step out on stage and in to the (online) spotlight with a new podcast, course, book, speaking services, or shop, this package is for you! Ready to see your business go to the next level?

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Got a project in mind
I could help with?

Contact me!

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