Get the strategy, design, and development help your business and website needs to confidently launch your new idea, serve your audience, and ya know, pay your rent.


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen your business slow to the pace of senior discount day at your grocery store, and you’re trying to figure out the best way to pivot your biz and serve your audience during this ever-changing hellscape of 2020.

Maybe you’re thinking about introducing a new business into the market, testing a new service, program, online course, or product to diversify your income, future-proof your business, and appeal to an audience who’s more protective of their time and wallets than ever before.

As the economy changes daily, you’re learning more about what you want to do, how you want to do it, and where your gifts are best placed for impact (and sales!). But you need razor-sharp focus, a foolproof strategy, and the tools to sell your next big thing with confidence and guidance from a pro who’s done it all before. Oh, aaaaaand the whole process needs to be lightning-fast, and if your eye could stop stress-twitching, that’d be great, too*.

(*Note: I’m not an Optometrist and am not qualified to help with eyes twitching.)


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Introducing the 7-Day Done for You Design Intensive!

Every intensive is unique, tailored to you, and depends on your specific goals and needs.

  • Timeline:
  • cost:

Here are a few projects covered under the intensive, and each item can typically get done in 7-days:


  • A new branding scheme: A simple text-based logo, color & font selections, branding mood board, website hero photo graphics, social media cover photos, and style guide so your business looks legit, trustworthy, and professional and you can keep doing the work you love.
  • One-page website design: Design, layout, and development of a simple, professional one-page website perfect for testing a new business idea or service offering that you can direct your audience to and make quick sales.
  • Website updates: Now’s the time to revamp #allthethings on your website to weather the storm and still make sales. Yes, your website is up, but it needs, like, sooooo much help. Rather than reinventing the wheel with a new brand, we use what you already have (your website theme + branding) and tune it up to better position you for whatever the rest of 2020 has in store. Basically, you hand me your lengthy list of website updates you have and the ones we identify together, and I take care of the rest!That could look like adding a new service offering to your suite of services, making sure the right offerings are highlighted site-wide for what your customers want now, copy and photo updates to better relate to your positioning and audience, call-to-action integrations sitewide so your customers know exactly where and how to buy from you, making sure your navigation is clear, streamlined, and organized, email list and lead magnets are integrated, and soooooo much more.
  • Online course set-up: Full online course set-up and connection to your site so you’re ready to start selling and scaling your business. Includes course graphics that match your brand, and all the tech pieces in places so your students have a smooth learning experience.


And if you need a combination of the above, you can book multiple intensives, or we can discuss your options of what’s feasible to get done in 7-day’s time.


Every 7-Day Done for You Design Intensive includes:


  • One hour pre-intensive strategy call
  • 7 days of my time, dedicated to YOU and getting your project done-zo
  • Need ongoing work after the intensive? Retainer plans are available!



How the 7-Day Done for You Design Intensive Works:


Choose a week that works best for you to begin your project.


Note: You will have 1-week of homework prior to your start date to prepare for our week together. You’ll also need to be 100% available during your intensive week to provide feedback and approvals to keep your project going, so don’t choose a week that’s already full of meetings and appointments. Secure your date with a 50% non-refundable deposit.



Complete your homework.



Once you’ve booked your intensive + paid your deposit for your week, you’ll get an email from me with the homework and prep work that must be completed before we can begin our work together.



Attend a pre-intensive strategy call to go over your business, audience, goals, and homework together and devise a plan and timeline.


We’ll discover the most important objectives you have for your business and devise a plan to optimize your website for those goals. Then, I’ll begin your project, and keep you updated when I need feedback or approvals to keep moving the project forward so your project is done within 7-days.




Project wrap up.

Once we’ve completed our week together, you can reach out at any time to ask questions that have come up.



And, if you need more ongoing work after your 7-days are up, I’ve got your back! You can book another intensive, or an ongoing retainer plan so you can get all the help and support you need with your business to continue moving forward.

“In just two short months since launching the site, I’ve already sold more tickets with my new website design than I did previously from the entire year before, and there’s still 5 months until the event!

Natalie is an incredible designer and gets the power of branding as it intersects with marketing/sales. She’s also a fantastic project manager (delivering product consistently on-time, going above and beyond, quick response time and fun/easy to work with…not to mention really kind and thoughtful).

I’ve done the leg-work (I’ve worked with a ton of freelancers in my career) and everyone should save themselves some time, hassle and frustration and just work with Natalie. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

I get so many positive comments about the site, and it really captures everything I was going for! I’m feeling more pride in my work than ever before, and I can’t wait to see where it all will lead.”

– Jessica Williams, Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, Change Agent, & Author

You’re just 7 days away from completing your project!

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