Lemme guess…

You’re embarrassed to send anyone (including your Mom) to your out-of-date, impossibly old website, which is keeping you from gaining important press opportunities and interviews that could grow your brand’s following.

You’re frustrated you have to work so hard and spend so much time and money to get clients and customers online when everyone else makes it look so damn easy.

And that comparison game is making you wonder if you deserve to be in business at all.

Eek! Let’s get out of this fear-spiral, shall we?

Let’s uplevel your business by turning your website into a strategic selling machine, (while still looking damn good in the process).



The Website Design & Digital Strategy Package

  • Timeline:
    3+ months
  • cost starts at $8,995
    with payment plans available

Here’s what you get:

  • A Brand Discovery Workbook to complete so you’ll gain clarity around your business’s purpose, goals, brand positioning, audience, marketing strategy, and design preferences.
  • Zoom coaching sessions to keep you on-track, overwhelm-free and taking action.
  • Copy Writing to make sure you’re talking directly to your customer in your own voice.
  • Brand Design, which includes a custom-made logo, mood board, and branding guide so you have a professional, sophisticated and cohesive brand presence across print, web, social and beyond!
  • Strategic website design & digital strategy that’s designed around your goals so you make more money and more email subscribers than ever before.
  • Matching social media designs for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iTunes so your social experience matches your website design.
  • Lead Magnet + Email Template design to entice people to join your e-mail list.
  • An Email Automation Sales Funnel for the people who join your list that entices them to buy your products and services.
  • A pack of promotional graphics to show off your new brand on social media, your blog, and your newsletter like the boss you are.
  • A Digital Marketing Roadmap on how to market and build brand awareness, increase engagement among website visitors, where to advertise, attract new customers, get PR, and leverage influencers.
  • A website warranty ensuring your site is operating at top-notch capacity.
  • Videos on how to use your website and make updates yourself.
  • Maintenance + retainer plans available to keep your site backed up, up-to-date, and safe from hackers
  • A whole lotta love, support, and laughs along the way…


“After launching the site, my daily optin rate has doubled and my bounce rate which hovered around 80% plummeted to 1%. I’m excited to see how this new site impact my business over the next year. It’s already making a difference.

When I wanted to take my business to the next level, I knew that my DIY’d website wouldn’t do. I wanted a designer who creates gorgeous sites that were conversion optimized (in a non-Internet dude bro kind of way). After talking with Natalie, I knew she was up for the job.

Natalie was an absolute blast to work with. She’s the most organized designer that I’ve ever met. She kept me on track and met each milestone on time. As a designer, I felt Natalie ‘got me’ and what my brand was all about. When she presented me with the mood board for my new site, I was floored. It was exactly what I knew my clients would love and my personality shined through.”

– dr. michelle mazur, communication rebel

You’re just one step away from a business of your dreams.

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