You’ve been a purpose-driven online solopreneur for years, your services are selling like proverbial hotcakes, but behind the scenes, you’re running yourself ragged trying to keep up. And, if you’re honest…

You’re tired.

Your business could be so much easier with a website that supports you in serving more clients, and the strategy to get more clients, without swan-diving into burnout.

When you combine website design WITH digital strategy, plus customer-based marketing ideas and new opportunities for growth… you get me, reviewing everything you do behind-the-scenes, everything your website is doing, and everything your business could be doing to get more clients with a lot more ease.

In this package, I will:

  • uncover marketing plans to reach your audience more effectively
  • identify opportunities for new services or products that practically sell themselves
  • design a beautiful website that makes you feel like the thought-leading, industry-changing, growth-catalyzing badass you are
  • turn that design into a website that makes your work easier



The Website Design & Digital Strategy Package Includes:


Business Development, Audience Research, & Digital Strategy

Before we dive into design, color, and fonts, we start with the big picture of your business. We’ll take a look at your business model and goals and discover if there are any opportunities for services or products that might be missing and how we might test their viability before you create them.

Then, I’ll plunge into your Google Analytics to see how people are interacting with your current website and reveal where we could make things easier for your users, highlight what they’re looking for, and establish your trust with them sooner.

Last, I’ll conduct ideal past client interviews to lay the groundwork for the customer journey and experience people have when interacting with your website, you, and your services. None of those made-up customer avatar exercises here. Instead, I’ll ask real questions and get real answers of who your ideal client really is, what they want, what they struggle with, and their real experience of working with you.



Custom Branding & Website Design

Next comes the fun stuff: DESIGN! Using what we’ve discovered about your audience and the goals you have in your business, we work together to craft a brand that showcases your unique differentiators and positioning in the market and marry that with what will visually resonate with who your audience is, and who you want to attract.

Through colors, fonts, textures, layouts, and more, your brand is built just for you and your audience. You’ll receive a fresh logo & website, social media assets, email templates, lead magnets, branding guides, and more so all of your materials are on-message, and keep your audience funneling toward completing your business goals, like joining your email list, contacting you for work, buying your products, and more.

Yes, your website will be gorgeous, but even more importantly it’ll also be an efficient sales tool that can grow with your business in the future. Using automation where appropriate and tools that’ll simplify your life and business, you can stop feeling like you’re leaving money on the table and that you have to hustle all the time to get the right people coming to your website.



Launch Plan & Marketing Road Map

Once your site is developed and optimized for SEO and loading speed, you’ll get a launch plan so you can roll out your new branding and website with confidence. You’ll also get all the training and resources you need to know how to maintain your website and brand standard by yourself (although I’ll always be there for you in the future if you’d rather me handle that for you).

Last, you’ll also receive customized guidance on where to find your ideal clients online and how to position your business so they’ll see you. From which podcasts to pitch for interviews, to which Facebook groups to join, to which tradeshows or conferences to attend, your marketing roadmap covers the highest impact marketing opportunities so you never have to feel like you’re spinning your wheels with marketing busywork again.

The Website Design & Digital Strategy Package

  • Timeline:
    12+ weeks
  • cost starts at $7,995
    with payment plans available


“After launching the site, my daily opt-in rate has doubled and my bounce rate which hovered around 80% plummeted to 1%.


When I wanted to take my business to the next level, I knew that my DIY’d website wouldn’t do. I wanted a designer who creates gorgeous sites that were conversion-optimized (in a non-Internet dude-bro kind of way). After talking with Natalie, I knew she was up for the job.

Natalie was an absolute blast to work with. She’s the most organized designer that I’ve ever met. She kept me on track and met each milestone on time. As a designer, I felt Natalie ‘got me’ and what my brand was all about. When she presented me with the mood board for my new site, I was floored. It was exactly what I knew my clients would love and my personality shined through.”

– Dr. Michelle Mazur, Communication Rebel


Joe Lamp'l

“By having you design my website and branding, the impression it’s made with my financial underwriters has led to over six figures in financial sponsorship and advertising. That’s impressive! My website (now just 6 months old) is the most profitable part of a profitable business.

You have become my one-stop everything shop for anything branding related. I feel like I finally have a partner in my business that cares about my success.

You ask the right questions and listen to my answers. And then, you work your magic and I am the benefactor of great talent and professionally designed content that beautifully communicates to our prospects and clients that we have our act together and we mean business. You create that visual first impression that totally conveys to my audience and my clients; look no further, you are in the right place. Plus, you are just a total joy to work with. I’ve never met you in person (only Zoom calls) but I feel like I’ve known you forever.

Later this year I will be hiring you to totally makeover my website for our 10th anniversary of our national television series. I won’t even shop around for this job. You already earned it and I can’t wait to see what you do with it.”

– Joe Lamp’l, Master Gardener & Host of the PBS Show Growing a Greener World


Molly Marshall

“In the five months since my website launched, my online course purchases increased by 120%, and my email opt-ins increased by 274% when compared to the previous time period! I’m so excited, this was the point of my website redesign to begin with!

In my corporate working life, I worked on about a dozen website designs and launches, and I can truly say that out of all those experiences, this was by far the most painless of any of them! I’ve always been left scrambling around trying to tie up all of the loose ends on my own, but that wasn’t my experience with Natalie. Working with Natalie was like some kind of fancy concierge service where everything was taken care of for me. Every detail was thought of, every potential issue anticipated, every loose end tied up nice and neat.

Natalie completely, 100% nailed the branding for my new site. The greatest compliment was when someone I know personally told me that my new site was ‘so me.’ She completely understood what I wanted, even though I wasn’t the best at articulating it, and created something that was better than I could have imagined!

I appreciated that I always knew what to expect and that all of our deadlines were met. I truly could not be more thrilled with the entire process and final result. Thank you, Natalie!”

– Molly Marshall, Social Media Strategist

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